True Topographics revolves around documenting neighborhoods that are disappearing. An unprecedented influx of money is driving one of the largest redevelopment initiatives in the city’s history with little attention being paid to the working class communities being supplanted. The goal of my work is to provide a counter argument to the image of L.A. that dominates popular culture. The end result is a portrait of Los Angeles that is absent from media representation yet intimately familiar to those who reside here. The diverse social fabric of the community is endangered and this shift is clearly reflected in the changing urban landscape.

San Fernando Valley

North Hollywood, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Burbank, and beyond.

Prologue/ 01: North Hollywood/


A vanishing neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles.

Prologue/ 01: Hidden Foundation/ 02: Precursor/ 03: Interior Compositions/ 04: A Place Called Home


The rapid gentrification of Hollywood, California.

Prologue/ 01: Newly Unfamiliar/ 02: The Unknown City/ 03: East Hollywood Story/ 04: Metamorphosis/ 05: Metastasis